Myles Domingo

Hello There!

My name's Myles Domingo. I am a third-year (2021) CS student at UC Berkeley with a passion for beautiful design and engineering.

Checkout some of my work below! Feel free to send me an email at:


These are some of the projects I've been working on lately, and are ready to showcase. More coming soon!


Software Engineering Intern

Worked as a frontend software developer for Fivestars, a comprehensive payment platform that assists small businesses with customer loyalty, acquisition, and retention via rewards and customer analytics.

Web Design Decal


Teaches for the Web Design Decal at Berkeley and lectures for over 150+ students about the fundamentals of web design using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Dungeons & Dragons

Character Creation UI

A digital interface that attempts to improve player onboarding experience in character creation and reduce complexity in user decision-making by focusing on storytelling and “class fantasy”.


An Airport Companion App

A case study on how to improve the overall airport experience and reduce passenger stress — involves a mobile application that mandates the user to complete certain tasks before receiving their boarding pass.



Managed Fall 2018 Recruitment for Codeology, a club at UC Berkeley that focuses on computer science mentorship and community. Redesigned logo to help create a competitive presence on campus among other organizations.